25/04/2018: Palestra Internacional “How will we  be teaching Dentistry in the year 2025?”

Dia 25/04 (quarta)  das 13 às 14 hs, a sessão do SIG Teleodontologia (Rede RUTE) terá a palestra:


How will we  be teaching Dentistry in the year 2525?

As communication technology advances, will the present delivery of educational materials via distance learning and mobile technology increase? The traditional classroom will not only be flipped but it will be exploded. Will Prosthodontics cope with the rapidly evolving educational landscape?

Teaching and learning practices must evolve with the advent of new knowledge and technology.

The aim of this lecture will be to provoke debate on traditional teaching of Dentistry and suggest pathways that will enhance our educational delivery of Dentistry as a living and thriving speciality.

(The lecture is inspired by the lyrics from the 1960s song In the Year 2525 performed by Zager And Evans)

Professor Damien Walmsley is Professor of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Birmingham School of Dentistry, and Consultant in Restorative Dentistry where he leads on the teaching and clinical provision of Prosthetic Dentistry. His new role is Director of Internationalisation for the College of Medical and Dental Sciences. His International experience includes Vice Chair of the U21 Universitas Health Sciences Group and involvement on the European Directive of free movement of Professionals in Europe with a focus on dentistry.

He is Scientific Adviser for the British Dental Association and was recently awarded the John Tomes Medal for outstanding services to Dentistry. He is past President of the Association of Dental Education in Europe having served terms as Council member, Treasurer and Secretary General. ;He has published over 200 papers and has been funded by UK research councils, Horizon 2020 and Industry. His research interests include the use of ultrasonics in dentistry where he is a world leader on the use of KHz instruments. Clinical research interests are on the use of implant overdentures. He is an early adopter of educational technology and researches on the use of mobile communication in learning. He has just been awarded an EU Marie Curie Fellowship (C2LEARN) investigating the use of short videos for teaching and learning.

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