The specialization courses are ministered by the Scientific and Technologic Development of Dentistry Foundation – FUNDECTO, as described below in the information of such entity.

The Scientific and Technologic Development of Dentistry Foundation – FUNDECTO, is a non-profit private institution with a social service character, that has its main unit in São Paulo, regulated by appropriate laws.

Founded in February 1983, FUNDECTO has as its main objective the development and bettering of dentistry sciences in teaching, research and clinical assistance areas, integrating with administration and operation techniques, with the provision of services to the community.

The foundation promotes courses, congresses, lecturings, workshops, and conferences; counting with a functional framework of more than 40 employees and a highly qualified faculty.

Located at Cidade Universitária, next to the School of Dentistry, FUNDECTO merges easy access, safety and countless other amenities, such as a wide free parking lot, a community space with a coffee shop and a sales spot for dentistry equipment.

FUNDECTO occupies a 2.200m2 space, constituted of 3 different buildings, forming the administrative and functional part of the foundation.

The functional wing is composed of a set of 5 classrooms, totaling a 234 student capacity,  together with an auditorium with 102 places, making the use of interactive and traditional teaching resources possible.

It also counts with a set of 4 modular clinics, integrated with an efficient lighting and air conditioning system, combining with the proximity to the storage and sterilization areas, of the X-ray equipment and the patient’s waiting room, to which it has a direct contact using a telephone system.

Concluding the functional board, FUNDECTO has also a laboratory used for the teaching of dental prosthesis technicians, combined with a radiologic service at the disposal of patients and professionals of the institution.

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