Special students are those enrolled in single subjects only unrelated to any USP Graduate Program.

Special students will be entitled to a subject approval certificate issued by CPG. Acceptance of the special student must be approved by the CCP, after hearing the teacher responsible for the subject. At the advisor’s discretion, credits may be earned in subjects taken as a special student for 36 months prior to the date of initial enrollment as a regular student.

They may, in the opinion of the CCP, be admitted for enrollment in Graduate subjects, as special students, undergraduate students of USP, provided that they are referred by counselors accredited in the USP Graduate Program and who are participating in scientific initiation activities.

The credits thus obtained in the last 36 months may be computed in the set required to obtain the title of Master or Doctor, provided that the student is admitted, after approval in the selection process, in one of these courses.

Necessary documents:

Discipline Application (see Forms);

RG xerox;

CPF xerox;

Xerox (front and back) of the undergraduate diploma.

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