The project Integrating High School and Technical School with research is subsidized by scholarships from CNPq and FUNDECTO / FOUSP and was formed by a group of teachers from the Postgraduate Program in Dental Sciences of FOUSP.

The objective of this project is to bring students from public network, of High School and Technical School, to the world of undergraduate and post graduation, by means of the participating in clinic and scientific investigation, guided by researchers from the Post Graduate Program.

The justification of the project is based on the fact that Post Graduation and research should make sense to the community in which they are inserted, and higher education should seek ways to articulate itself to qualify basic education and technical education.

The project is done in partnership with two institutions: the Technical School of Public Health, Prof. Makiguti and the Brazilian Association of Dentistry (ABO) Osasco Regional and has the support of the president of the Commission of Research of FOUSP.

The Technical School of Public Health Prof. Makiguti is located in Cidade Tiradentes and is maintained by the Municipality of São Paulo by means of the Paulistana Foundation for Education and Technology. The ABO Regional Osasco is located in the municipality of Osasco, near FOUSP ..

For students from both Technical Schools who are doing Pre Scientific Research in FOUSPS’s clinical area, this experience has been very important, to the point in which the developed researches are innovative, they work with material and the best types of new techniques and they add value to the jobs related to the future help in Oral Health (ASB) and Techniques in Oral Health (TSB).

Apart from this, more important than technical education, is a possibility to offer the development of skills that research brings, such as discipline, rigor for the scientific method, the need for scientific evidence to guide decision-making and working in groups among others.

In the year 2016, we had 12 students involved. 25 students were in the year 2017 already.

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