During 2015, the Postgraduate Program in Dental Sciences of the Faculty of Dentistry of USP, together with the board of the Regional Department of Education of the Municipality of São Paulo of Butantã Region and science teachers of elementary schools of that area. region developed an educational project to integrate elementary and postgraduate education.

The Experimenting Science project was implemented in 2016 and is based on the learning rights of the National Plan for Literacy at the Right Age developed by the Federal Government. For the fulfillment of learning rights, it is essential to offer science workshops in schools as a way to broaden the student’s world view so that he can experience and experience important aspects of science.

Five laboratories coordinated by Professors of the Postgraduate Program in Dental Sciences participate in the project:

 Molecular Pathology Laboratory. with Prof. Dr. Fabio Daumas Nunes

 3D Imaging Lab, with Prof. Dr. Marcelo de Gusmão Paraíso Cavacanti

 Cytology Laboratory, with Prof. Dr. Paulo Henrique Braz da Silva

 Forensic Anthropology Laboratory, with Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Francisco Haltenhoff Melani

 Teleodontology and Telehealth Center, with Profa. Dr. Ana Estela Haddad


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