The PNPD/CAPES, CAPES National Postdoctoral Program, is an institutional grant program that funds postdoctoral internships in stricto sensu Postgraduate Programs (PPG) recommended by CAPES.

The number of scholarships offered varies according to criteria defined by CAPES, which may take into account the performance of the PPG in the quadrennial evaluation, the strategic support areas, the region in which the HEI is located, among others. The contemplated PPGs are responsible for the selection and monitoring of the scholarship holders, as well as for the definition of their objectives and activities.

Objectives of PNPD/ Capes

I – promote the realization of high-level studies;

II – strengthen national research groups;

III – renew the staff of the Graduate Programs (PPG) in higher education and research institutions;

IV – promote the insertion of Brazilian and foreign researchers in post-doctoral internship, stimulating their integration with research projects developed by the Graduate Programs in the country.

Further information can be obtained from CAPES Ordinance No. 086 of 07/03/2013, available at:

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