The Graduate Program in Dental Sciences develops the Experiencing Science Project since 2015,  in which 40 high schools students  from 09 Municipal Schools  from the city of São Paulo participate in one morning of experimental activities in laboratories coordinated by Permanent Professors of the Program.

The Mirins Scientist Project was formed in 2018 by means of the experience and success of the Experiencing Science Project. For the present program four students who were previously selected by EMEF were invited from the EMEF Teófilo Ottoni High School.

Each of these four scientists accompanies the routine of the research from one of the participating laboratories weekly: Molecular Pathology, 3D Imaging, Forensic Anthropology and the Cytology Laboratory. Over a one year period, these students, under the guidance of teachers and graduate students, will collaborate in the development of a research project

In addition, the Mirins Scientists have the opportunity to know research methodologies employed in other research laboratories of the very FOUSP and of other IES of USP.

It is worth mentioning that the Mirins Scientists a monthly grant for help and cost subsidized by FUNDECTO for transport and snacks. In addition, they are registered in the FOUSP system and are entitled to the use of circular buses, library services and food.

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