Regulation in force from 08/05/2009 to 01/07/2014: Regulamento vigente de 05/08/2009 a 01/07/2014

Regulation in force from 02/07/2014: Regulamento vigente a partir de 02/07/2014

Advisor Accreditation and Recognition: Research Activities Evaluation Form: Formulário de Avaliação de Atividades de Pesquisa

Norms for Scientific Initiation

  • Be undergraduate student regularly enrolled in HEI with good school performance;
  • Have an interest in clinical research;
  • Have time available to devote to the program (4 hours / week) without prejudice to school performance;
  • Obtain the commitment of professor of the Department of Stomatology with their guidance;
  • Prepare, together with the advisor, a viable research project in terms of its capacity and the one-year timeframe Present the results of their research in scientific meetings held in the city of São Paulo;
  • Actively participate in the preparation of manuscript for submission to journals with Qualis B (at least);

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