Surgery and Buco Maxillofacial Traumatology

They have well-defined therapeutic purposes, namely: the diagnosis, surgical and complementary treatment of diseases, injuries and congenital or acquired defects that may be located in the surrounding maxillomandibular and attached anatomical structures, which may interfere locally with morphofunctional normality of the stomatognathic system.

Head of department : Prof . Dra. Maria da Graça Naclério Homem


Forensic Dentistry and Collective Health

The objective of the area is to investigate expert aspects in civil, criminal and labor, besides studying the public health policies and the health conditions of the population. We develop epidemiological analyzes as well as scientific research related to Forensic Dentistry.

Head of department: Prof. Drs. Marcelo José Strazzeri Bönecker e João Batista de Paiva


Odontopediatry and Orthodontics

The objective of this area is to study the diseases that affect deciduous and permanent dentition and tooth-facial imbalances through clinical and laboratory epidemiological studies.

Head of department: Prof. Drs. Marcelo José Strazzeri Bönecker e João Batista de Paiva


Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Special Patients

The objective of this area is to deepen the knowledge of diseases that directly or indirectly affect the maxillofacial region of individuals, as well as the impact of diseases and systemic conditions on their health and dental management.

Head of department:  Profa. Dra. Marina Helena Cury Gallottini



The objective of the Periodontics Area is to study the distribution, risk factors, etiopathogenesis and treatment of periodontal diseases. The area also aims to understand the relationship between periodontal diseases and systemic diseases.

Head of department: Prof. Dr. Cláudio Mendes Pannuti


Oral Rehabilitation

The objectives of this area are to deepen the knowledge in clinical and drug therapy, to study the oral and facial rehabilitations.

Head of department: Profs. Drs. Isabel de Freitas Peixoto, Reinaldo Brito e Dias e Pedro Tortamano Neto


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